Construction defects occur on building projects large and small. When the defects are the results of negligence by the contractor, architect, engineer or others involved in the design and construction of a building, our lawyers help people recover compensation for the hardship caused by the defect. If your project was delayed or damaged because of defects in windows, roof, wiring or other components, speak with a knowledgeable lawyer to learn about your options.

Examples of construction defects

At the Charleston, South Carolina, law firm of Uricchio, Howe, Krell, Jacobson, Toporek & Keith P.A., our attorneys handle all types of construction defect cases. We have been able to obtain compensation for structural defects and damage resulting from failure to follow drawings, failure to use specified components or failure to train workers properly. We have also been successful obtaining payment for owners whose projects were affected by defective products used in construction, such as plywood, glue, fasteners and pre-cut flooring. Many of our cases turn on the failure of the contractor or subcontractor to adhere to local building codes or the existence of faulty workmanship.

Consequences of construction defects

Problems such as these result in leaks and floods, rot, peeling paint and failing siding, inability to handle the electrical needs of the building and cracks and weakness in the structural components. Not only are such defects expensive to repair, they can also result in safety and health hazards to people in and around the building. People can become sick from mold and fungus. They can be electrocuted by faulty wiring. They can be exposed to toxic materials that should have been sealed.

If you own a house or commercial building or invested in a development that is plagued by faulty construction, contact an experienced lawyer to learn if you have a construction defect case. Our Charleston attorneys will advise you about your options and talk with you about your case. Call us at (843) 723-7491.

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