Premises Liability – Products Liability

Premises liability cases, also known as slip and falls, can be difficult. South Carolina law protects property owners unless the owner had been notified of a defect. Because of this, our law firm is often involved in investigations that might not be needed in another state for a similar accident. We are able to analyze the situation and advise people about the likelihood of prevailing in a premises liability action.

Sound advice and knowledgeable representation

Clients of our Charleston law firm can depend on our lawyers to provide sound advice about the case. Our experience handling premises liability matters makes us a good choice for people who have been injured on defective or dangerous property. We have obtained compensation for people who have been injured because of wet floors, broken sidewalks and defective or broken stairs. Defendants in these cases include big box stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

Dog bites are part of premises liability law

Premises liability law also covers injuries from dog bites. We have helped many families whose child was injured by a dog they thought was a friendly family pet. We have been able to obtain the resources they need to deal with the physical and emotional scars caused by a dog bite.

Product liability

Our law firm also handles cases involving dangerous and defective manufactured products. Known as products liability, this area of the law includes matters such as defects in manufacturing, defective component parts and inadequate or missing instructional or informational material. Our cases have involved power tools, water heaters, lawn and garden equipment, automobiles and all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs).

The defendants in products liability cases

Products liability cases can involve the manufacturer, the retailer, the distributor, and others involved in the production and distribution of a product. We have taken legal action against suppliers of defective component parts. We have sued companies, charging that the product had an implied warranty of fitness for a particular use.

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