If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense — even one as minor as a traffic violation — you need answers, support and sound advice. At the Charleston, South Carolina, law firm of Uricchio, Howe, Krell, Jacobson, Toporek & Keith P.A., our experienced lawyers defend your rights and explore your legal options when you are facing a criminal charge.

Exploring Every Option in Your Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys handle everything from a traffic ticket to capital murder. We advocate for you every step of the way, from booking and bond hearing to jury trial or negotiated plea and, if necessary, appeal. Our lawyers have years of experience filing the motions that can suppress evidence, invalidate testimony and dismiss the case. We explore every option that can improve your outcome.

From Traffic Tickets to Capital Murder

Our criminal defense lawyers handle white-collar crimes, drug possession, sex offenses, crimes of violence and misdemeanor charges. We have defended clients in a number of high profile cases, helping people navigate the system and protecting them from the media. Our clients include those charged with crimes against persons such as assault and battery and domestic violence. Whatever the nature and severity of the charge, you can be sure that our experienced criminal defense attorneys have the needed experience to defend you.

Anticipating an Appeal from the Start

We make sure that your case is properly documented. This is essential if you receive an adverse ruling at trial and are seeking grounds for an appeal. Our lawyers handle criminal appeals for our own clients and for those who were represented by another attorney during trial.

Contact our South Carolina lawyers if you have been charged with a crime. We put our years of experience to work defending you, whatever the charge. Call us at (843) 723-7491 today.