Brain Injury – Spinal Cord Injury – Burn Injury

A catastrophic injury, such as a brain injury, serious burn injury or spinal cord injury, is life altering. The victim may never work again or care for himself or herself. When such an injury is the result of negligence or misconduct, our law firm can seek compensation for the victim.

Obtaining needed compensation for victims of catastrophic injury

Our Charleston, South Carolina, lawyers have the experience, knowledge and resources to be successful in serious injury cases. We have obtained payment for medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium and pain and suffering for injured clients.

At Uricchio, Howe, Krell, Jacobson, Toporek & Keith P.A., our cases come from all types of serious accidents, including:

Our lawyers know how to help after an accident that causes brain injury and other catastrophic injuries.

Working with experts

We work with medical experts and the treating physician to determine the extent and nature of the injury. We identify the cause of the accident and pinpoint the source of negligence, using accident reconstructionists and other specialists to build a strong case. We work with life care planners to calculate the cost of the catastrophic injury during the client’s life.

Obtaining the right treatment

We also make sure that the injured person receives the correct medical care. If needed, we can arrange for the right treatment through a medical lien against any settlement obtained by the client. Treatment for brain injury or third degree burns can be lengthy and expensive. Our firm works with physicians who accept patients at no charge until their injury case is settled.

Using our reputation

We are litigators, always prepared to go to trial. Because insurance company lawyers know this, they are often willing to propose a responsible settlement rather than risk losing at trial. Our reputation as successful trial lawyers is critical in obtaining the compensation our clients need.

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